Easy-to-Use Artificial Intelligence

Use artificial intelligence to reduce costs and improve operations

SearchExpress Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Making AI Accessible for All

In the past, AI has required nuanced expertise in computer programming. With SearchExpress, this barrier is now eliminated. Our AI software is so easy to use it makes AI accessible to all and can be configured in just a few hours.

By combining content management with AI, SearchExpress allows you to classify and organize content and improve productivity of people and equipment.

Our AI has been pre-trained for many usages such as to classify and categorize images, e.g., Stanford Campus is the location or a person is sad or happy.

We can also train the AI, using machine learning, to customize it for your use such as to analyze recorded audio of your equipment for preventive maintenance. This takes longer to implement.

SearchExpress can be deployed on-premises or in the Cloud.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

  • Classify images by content such as car, human, restaurant or landmarks such as the Stanford University campus.
  • Use AI to detect faces and emotional state such as whether a person is happy, sad, angry or surprised, for marketing purposes.
  • Automatic route (workflow) documents to appropriate personnel based on the above AI determined classification.
  • SearchExpress can use artificial intelligence (AI) to perform AI deep-learning OCR to locate and read text in an image.
  • You can then search for all documents with these artificial-intelligence determined attributes.
  • You can also generate reports to deep mine the data, e.g., to show what percentage of people are smiling at Stanford University versus Berkeley.

What our customers are saying

"I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love SearchExpress!"

Lennie Stanfield
M+W Americas Group

M+W Group is a global leader in the design, engineering and construction of high tech facilities and major complex projects.

Plano, TX

Why you need AI

The market for AI is driven by the desire to save time and reduce costs, as well as by the need to make better and quicker decisions.

Machine Learning

SearchExpress AI can be customized for your business to perform actions outside of it's pre-trained usages, such as analyzing recorded audio of your equipment for preventive maintenance.

SearchExpress AI can be customized to compare an image or video of each new part made to the saved image of a correctly manufactured part, to inspect for damaged parts or out-of-spec parts.

AI use with Augmented Reality (AR)

Use AI with AR to assist maintenance personnel.

Use Natural Language Processing (NLP) AI to extract data from existing PDF and Word files such as the steps a technician needs to use to service or repair a robot or pump. This lets the technician service the equipment faster and avoid mistakes.

For Image PDF files, SearchExpress can OCR the images, to make text that can then be used by NLP AI.

These maintenance steps could be displayed to the technician using an Augmented Reality (AR) Goggle or a tablet computer.

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