Use eForms instead of Paper Forms

SearchExpress Document Management lets your customers and employees fill out and sign forms over the Internet or intranet, using a PC, iPad, iPhone or other smartphone.

Complete and Sign eForms

Your customers and employees can complete forms over the Internet or intranet and optionally sign their signature with their finger or mouse, saving you the expense of printing and scanning and entering data written on paper forms.

Typical eForms include:

  • Job Applications

  • Student Enrollment

  • Patient Registration

  • Loan Applications

  • Purchase Orders

  • Requisitions

  • Questionnaires

  • Feedback Forms

  • Time Sheets

  • Expense Reports

"SearchExpress not only does everything we want and need from a document management software program but it does it for significantly less money than what our current EMR vendor was offering.

But at any price, the service and support we have received from SearchExpress has been beyond our wildest dreams"

Danny B. Powell
Network & Computer Systems Administrator
A Pineywoods Home Health Care, Inc.

Fifteen-facility Texas home health care provider.

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Here's How it Works

You use SearchExpress to automatically generate forms.

The customer or employee selects the form from a list of forms on your Internet or intranet site.

The user completes the form.

Form pick lists, shown to the user, can be populated in real-time from live database links.

The pick-list entries can be shown as radio buttons or checkboxes.

The user can sign their signature on the form by using their finger, on an iPad or smartphone, or by using their mouse, on a PC.

The user can attach a photo or drivers license or other file to the form.

SearchExpress records the geolocation and IP address of the user in form fields. The form is encrypted to ensure no unauthorized changes are made to it after completion.

The form adjusts automatically to any device size: smartphone, iPad, PC.

The user's login can be used to read data from a database and pre-populate a form. For example, when an employee displays a Vacation Request Form, their Employee Name, Employee Number and the number of vacation days they have available can be pre-populated on the form.

The geolocation can be used to read data from a database and pre-populate a form. For example, for Proof of Delivery (POD), the correct POD for that address can be read from your sales database and displayed on the delivery driver's iPad, and the recipient can sign their signature with their finger.

The user can enter a name or other fields, and click lookup, and form data can be pre-populated from another database.

For example, you can enter a Student Number and SearchExpress can read the Student Name and DOB from your Student Information system.

Completed forms are saved to the SearchExpress document database, and can be searched by content.

SearchExpress can also write the form data to your Human Resource, Enterprise Resource Planning, Electronic Medical Record, Student Information, or other systems and databases.


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