Here are some of the benefits of using SearchExpress Document Management.

SearchExpress Features

Make Documents Omnipresent

In addition to searching documents from your desktop PC, you can search documents from your iPhone, iPad or Android in a secure fashion.

This means you can access your documents wherever you are, including client sites, field offices, and car.

Save time spent finding, copying, and organizing paper. Imagine - no more sifting through filing cabinets and pulling and re-filing files.

Manage Documents

The multiple-step workflow lets you route documents to different user's "inbaskets", for processing or approval.

You can make searchable annotations (yellow "sticky" notes) to documents. This helps you collaborate with others.

You save time by being able to search your Microsoft Word, email, Excel, PDF, PowerPoint, and other digital documents. And, the information you are searching for is highlighted in the document.

You can search documents by any word or phrase in the documents, or in any index fields you assign to the documents.

Search words are highlighted on both scanned images as well as digital documents. Therefore, you quickly see the information of interest, in the documents of interest.

User-defined index cards help you find documents by index fields you can optionally add to your documents, such as date, source, and customer name.

Be Green

SearchExpress helps you become a green company, by reducing the amount of paper you use. For example, you do not need to photocopy a document to share it with others. Also, you can email a scanned document instead of photocopying and mailing it.

High-speed scanning and OCR lets you quickly scan and index vast quantities of paper documents.

SearchExpress enterprise content management software automatically makes Microsoft Office, email and other digital files searchable.

Find Out More

Regulatory Compliance

SearchExpress document management software provides document retention rules, an audit database, and document security for regulatory compliance.

These features protect your documents and help you comply with the growing body of laws and regulations concerning the confidentiality, authenticity and retention of documents, including Sarbanes-Oxley, SEC, NASD, IRS, HIPAA and other regulations.

Disaster Recovery

When you make an off-site backup of your computer files, you are making an off-site backup of your documents. This protects valuable corporate and client data in case of fire or theft. Next to people, data is the most important asset a company has.

The audit database is a searchable database which lets you see each time a document has been viewed or retrieved, and by whom. This is important to comply with a growing body of laws and regulations concerning the confidentiality, authenticity and retention of documents, including medical records (HIPAA), and financial records (Sarbanes-Oxley). This can also help you monitor access to proprietary company documents and intellectual property.


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