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Easy Document Management

Use SearchExpress Document Management software to scan your paper documents, and search and workflow both paper and digital docs, to save time and money.

Easy to Install

SearchExpress is affordable document management software that is so easy to install and use that you can rapidly deploy it in one department, or across your entire enterprise, without costly on-site assistance.

Make Documents Omnipresent

In addition to searching and approving documents from your desktop PC, you can access documents from your iPad, iPhone, or Droid.

This means you can access your documents wherever you are, including client sites and field offices.

What our customers are saying:

"If you are looking for software that is easy to setup and can perform every document management function you can dream of, SearchExpress is the software for you and your company."

Ryan Gregerson
American Sleep Association

Oral appliance manufacturer

To see how SearchExpress can save you time and money, contact us now for a free demo.


We guarantee SearchExpress will save you time and money, or you get a complete refund.

Manage Documents

SearchExpress Document Management software lets you capture, index, route, search and manage your paper documents as well as your digital documents.

SearchExpress is easily integrated with your existing business-critical applications so you can share data with your other applications and view your documents from your other applications.

You can search by typing in a word or phrase. Also, you can search by highlighting a search word or phrase in your CRM, ERP or other applications, including Oracle eBusiness, Lawson, PeopleSoft and SAP.

Features SearchExpress

For digital filing system search features, click here.

For document scanning and indexing features, click here.

For business process automation (workflow) features, click here.

You can choose either on-premises software, or a Cloud version of SearchExpress.

For on-premises, you can choose from three versions of SearchExpress Document Management software.

One version uses Microsoft SQL for the document database, one uses our own SearchExpress database, and one uses Microsoft SharePoint for the document database and repository.

Document Management Software


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